On call personal assistants
that come to you
to help you do things

How does it work?

We come to you.
Our helpers arrive at your location ready to assist with your needs

Any time, any where.
As a VIP, you're the boss. Book as needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Arrive in minutes.
A YAFN can be there to assist you in as little as an hour

What is a YAFN?

Yafn stands for Your assistant for now. They are local people in communities willing to provide you a VIP experience by working as your on call personal assistant whenever you need them. When they arrive, they arrive as "Your Assistant For Now".


YAFN Categories

There is no job that is too big or too small for a YAFN. To make it easier to find a YAFN to do your task, we've categorized our YAFNs into three categories.

General Assistance - Low
$35.00 /HR + TIPS

Such as run errands, complete tasks, light lifting up to 20lbs, no special skills required

General Assistance - Moderate
$40.00 /HR + TIPS

Such as anything that requires 20 - 30lbs of lifting, or basic typing skills, no special skills required

General Assistance - High
$45.00 /HR + TIPS

Such as anything that requires driving, lifting over 30lbs, no additional special skills required

What can YAFNs do for me?

YAFNs can do anything that’s needed to make your life easier, such as:
  • Accompanying you on nights out with friends to:
    • Be the designated driver
    • Take precious photos on your phone
    • Check in / Retrieve items from coat check
    • Grab drinks from the bar
    • Assist with general activities
  • Accompany you to conferences and networking events to:
    • Hand out and accept business cards
    • Take notes
    • Plan / coordinate activities
    • Manage your schedule
  • Grabbing your breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner
  • Running errands
  • Taking your elderly family members shopping
  • Assisting with homework
  • Assisting around the house and/or in the office
  • Washing your car
  • Assisting with anything your busy day and/or night requires