Due to COVID-19 we are only able to offer the "Personal Shopper" category at this time.

Popular Categories to Book a YAFN

General Assistance - Moderate
$40.00/hr + Tips
General Assistance - High
$45.00/hr + Tips
VIP Chauffeur Experience - Premium
$110.00/hr + Tips
Personal Shopper
$60.00/hr + Tips
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How does YAFN work?

As a registered VIP user you have the ability to establish teams of people that will always be on standby waiting to take care of your needs when you request them. As a registered YAFN, you will get paid to work on teams that provide services to VIP Captains when they request you.

We come to you.
Our helpers arrive at your location ready to assist with your needs.
Any time, any where.
As a VIP, you're the boss. Book as needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Fast arrival.
A YAFN can be there to assist you in as little as an hour.

What is a YAFN?

YAFN stands for Your Assistant For Now. They are local people in communities that are assigned to your team to provide you VIP experiences by working as your on call personal assistant whenever you need them. When they arrive, they arrive as "Your Assistant For Now".

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